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August 2019

Ripped Stockings

The first date was FANTASTIC, Helen and I had so much in common and so much to talk about. We spent hours in front of the fire place, chatting away like excited school children. We were both telling stories of our very different lives. Helen, born and raised on a farm in Wrexham, and me [...]

The First Date

Sorry for the delay between blogs, we had a few technical issues with our hosting server, AKA I am getting old and things take longer to do than they used to...... Anyway, back to the story I asked Helen to give her side of the story of our first meeting at Erddig, here it is [...]

July 2019

The Erddig Christmas Market

The date is Monday 24th October 2013. We have signed up and paid for two big Christmas markets, now the hard work really starts. We need to make sure that we have enough stock to sell at both events. We decided that at both events we would take the same stock, this would simplify production [...]

The Beginning of Cleopatra’s Coffee Shop & Bistro

Ok, so after many many requests from lots and lots of people to please tell them in detail how Cleopatra's Coffee shop & Bistro came to be. People seem to be intrigued by our story, and listen with eagerness as we talk them through our journey. How I, Philippe ended up in Wrexham, in North [...]